Element Collection

The ‘Element’ collection was influenced by Georgian traditional Oda houses and the 'Construction Element' created by Giorgi Chakhava (1923-2007), an iconic Georgian architect. While working on her book, "Soviet Bus Stops in Georgia" published in 2017, Nana drew attention to Chakhava’s concrete element invention where he used a simple jigsaw like form to assemble various structures. The Element Collection uses the same basic shape to create different pieces of furniture. It’s changing structures and a variety of materials to provide flexible and functional freedom. It is easy to assemble or disassemble and does not require brackets or fixtures. Created and handcrafted in Tbilisi using domestic materials, the collection combines traditional craftsmanship with the contemporary language of sinuous form which makes them appear sculptural. Each piece results from a well-thought through idea and a delicate construction process. These unique pieces are identifiable by their pronounced patterns and imperfections that together give furniture a warm, lustrous quality. Some of the exhibited wooden pieces are made from the supporting beams of a Georgian Oda House. The collection includes chairs, tables, benches, stools, shelves, consoles and many more. Depending on the material, the items can be used both indoors and outdoors.