Exhibition: Alizi - A Manifesto For Modern Construction

On November 18-20, the ‘Fabrika’ exhibition space will host the exhibition of Idaaf Architects: ‘Alizi – A Manifesto for Modern Construction’, where Idaaf Architects presents the results of the Alizi workshop, which explored the history and traditional methods for making Alizi, and in addition created a new design in order to find a way to continue its use in modern construction.

The Alizi Workshop took place in the summer of 2022 and included research and practical work with four selected participants. We studied Adobe Brick buildings in the village of Kakheti and Kartli. The workshop team also collected soil of ten different colours from various regions of Georgia and produced new Alizi brick modules and decorative wall tiles.

The bricks and wall decorative tiles presented at the exhibition are: Hae – Mariam Papava; Domino – Jokola Kistauri; Crossed Brick – Elene Pichkadze, ES – Mea Miminoshvili and IA Brick by Idaaf Architects, which consists of two universal shapes which easily fit together and do not require fasteners or fillers, and thus allow for the easy construction of pre-planned buildings. At the exhibition, Idaaf Architects will also present furniture made by Alizi.

Idaaf Architects: Nana Zaalishvili, Sopo Tsiviladze, Aleksandre Iobidze, Dea Khizanishvili.

Participants: Mariam Papava, Elene Pichkadze, Jokola Kistauri, Mea Miminoshvili.