Location: Signagi, Georgia

Total Area: 296 sq.m

Year: 2018

Status: Project

Sighnaghi is in Kakheti in the east Georgia, famous for its 8, 000 years of wine culture and diverse Georgian cuisine. The town is located on a high hill overlooking the impressive Alazani Valley and the Caucasus. The streets are cobbled and most of the buildings are built of thin red bricks.  Some have carved, wooden balconies. Signagian houses are also made of river stones with glazed loggias giving a very distinct architectural character to this place.

But this project is an attempt to leave behind the traditional and incorporate new elements – a house whose idea is based on transparency and sustainability, forging a strong relationship between the house and the surrounding landscape.

The house is designed from the inside out to create an uninterrupted connection to the environment. With its large, open diorama, the interior is participating directly in the natural world outside.  Walls, normally a barrier between humans and nature, have been replaced by stained glass windows to give the residents the feeling that they are an integral part of the environment.

The interior is a large space. Room are divided with by walnut tree wall panels which create an additional decorative element. The floor is polished concrete that matches the minimalist design of the reflective aluminum kitchen. The aim is to create a comfortable living in harmony with the environment.