Project: Brewery

Location: Qedeli, Georgia

Area: 900 sq.m

Year: 2016 – 2017

Team: Nanuka Zaalishvili; Rezi Kratsashvili

Qedeli is located in a very beautiful eastern part of Georgia called Kakheti. 10 minutes away from the historic city of Sighnaghi. This area stands with its green hilly landscapes, stunning views on Caucasus Mountains and Alazani Valley and fertile soil.

Georgian beer has roots back in ancient times, when this territory between two seas wasn’t named yet, but was settled by Georgian tribes. The Kingdom of Urartu, which was already familiar with a few different types of beer in the XI-VII B.C., had very strong connection with Georgian tribes and it is likely beer culture was spread from Mesopotamia, the homeland of beer. Notably, the ancient center of cultivation for wheat and barley was in the Alazani Valley, very near where Qedeli is located. Beer production in Georgia is linked to the mountains of Kakheti: Tusheti, Khevsureti and Pshavi, where beer is considered as a sacred drink and even nowadays, all the traditional rituals are celebrated with it. Also worth noting, the house types in those areas had storages for beer production and facilities as an integral part of their design. Georgian typical beer vessels are distinguished by their peculiarities and special forms.

Brewery ‘Qedeli’ spreads on 1140 m 2 and combines two buildings. The first building is for the Brewery itself and the other building is a small hotel and restaurant with necessary storages. Both the buildings have a common cellar, which is located -2.6m from the absolute benchmark of the land – 814, 3. The area is planned so that the buildings are located in the middle of the territory and it is set up with internal and external yards. The courtyard is intended for the staff, distribution of vehicles and other ‘dirty’ works, however, for the guests it’s still comfortable to get to the hotel or restaurant and to the brewery environment. The outer courtyard is first what the guests will see when they arrive to the Brewery. To get up the territory is possible from an independent door in the courtyard and it also has stunning views of the Qedeli landscape. From here you can get to the restaurant, hotel and to the cellar.

The brewery building consists of the required space for the beer making, the manager’s office, wc and a small storage. To get in the building is possible from the courtyard, there is two doors: one is for the staff and for the guests and another is a big door (2.6m) for the distribution vehicles and large-size cargo delivery. The brewery building also has 71m2 outside roofed terrace, which can be used for the big car parking or placing other goods. Also the terrace can be used to perform actions necessary for the functioning of the brewery. The hotel/restaurant building is located on two levels; the ground floor belongs to the restaurant with its kitchen and storage. There is also a common toilet and manager’s room. The restaurant consists of a big hall with an easy 28 person capacity at the same time. There is also a bar with 4 seats and ivy wall behind. This is made so guests coming to the restaurant and to the hotel can be separated, to create a more personal environment.

There’s lounge type space, separated from the restaurant, with stunning views of Qedeli. Please note that the Brewery connects to the restaurant with a big glass window, which makes processes happening there very interesting for the visitors. The restaurant also has a 38mterrace with the views of the outer courtyard and green hills of Qedeli. Here are more tables for the restaurant guests. The second level of Hotel/restaurant building is at +3.6m, and features the Hotel with 5 rooms. Every room has its own toilet & bathroom. In this level is also storage for the washing and laundry facilities. Every room has its own separate balconies. Decor is all wooden and inspired by Tushetian and Rachian wood curving culture. From this level is a staircase to the roof terrace, with the more restaurant tables and stunning views of Caucasus Mountains and Alazani Valley.

 The outdoor garden is arranged so less intervention is made on the nature. There are located terraces with dining tables and an outside fireplace with comfortable seats for guests to taste locally made Qedeli beer. Shrubs and other plants used in the landscape are chosen taking into account the local environment. All the materials used on the façades of the both buildings are chosen from the local area, for example stones are from the old, abandoned houses and the wood is also Georgian Pine material, often used in Kakhetian houses.