Project: Office – Administrative Building

(Competition statement for LLC “Asset Management and Development Company”)

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia.

Area: 9354 sq.m

Total building area: 30440 sq.m

Year: 2016

Team:  Nanuka Zaalishvili, Rezi Kratsashvili, Tata Gachechiladze, Dimitri Jobadze

 Status: Project

The project area is located in Tbilisi. On the crossroad of S. Euli and A. Politkovskaya streets. It is surrounded by residential, commercial and administrative offices. Relatively new urban environment is a challenge to modern and interesting architectural solutions.

Since the visual perception area of the project land is completely open on the A. Politkovskaya street side, the architectural design of the main facade is oriented to the same direction.

Inspiration of the architectural design is Chilean architect, Alejandro Aravena’s “practice” to cover multistory buildings with the façade, which is “lying” the scale and leaves low altitude impression.

In this case we cover nine storey building with the main façade, which has three horizontal levels. Used material is white Travertine stone. The rest of the facades are covered with iron construction composition, where the floors have been accurately perceived. Here we used black metal composition.

The building has nine floors opened atrium, where is located a lobby. Here are resting space, information counter and elevators. Café, offices and exterior terraces bridges are seen from the lobby as well. Here attention is paid to the green, comfortable and healthy environment. Furniture in the lobby belongs to the famous Danish firm, PHL Studio, and concrete landscape benches are analogy of LaLaport TOYOSU.

Building has fifteen outside and underground parking for 252 cars. The plans of the first two levels are service required and business zones, also media & briefing rooms, conference rooms and space for temporary projects, chancellery, permits bureau, children’s corner, defense, etc.

Typical floor includes elevators, stairs, toilets, meeting rooms and storages, extra elevators for the supplies/garbage and offices.

The last two floors are occupied by the minister’s office and other related departments, as well as transforming conference halls and other spaces for the variety of activities.