Project: Museum of Modern Art
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Total Area: 6400 sq.m
Year: 2019
Status: Competition

We chose the concept of Free Space as the main idea of a proposed Museum of Art.

Free Space is an essential requirement for our modern living which is so often cramped and hurried and full of tension. Our aim was to provide as much free space as possible so that visitor can settle their minds and thoughts in order to appreciate the art they have come to see.

The museum complex consists of seven buildings of different sizes and height and connected by corridors. The exterior is in light-colored concrete. The heavy nature of this material is neutralized by various sized square openings which bring in natural light, making the space more enjoyable and attractive. Such an arrangement of openings helps us to use them only in the spaces which needs natural light.

The museum is designed so that everyone in the building, whether visitor or staff, can circulate easily and unhurriedly in their respective spaces.

The Museum has two stories above ground with a staircase in the main lobby to provide visual interest as well as a link to the bridge, which overlooks to the lobby area from the second floor and provides a spectacular view. The buildings also feature modern and permanent exhibition spaces adjusted to modern standards..

Museum of Modern Art - Render 4

Museum of Modern Art - Render 2

Museum of Modern Art - Render 1