Dimensions: 60x30x45 cm

Year: 2019

Function: Building Material (Exterior, Interior); Decorative

The rapid growth of the construction industry has provided a number of challenges, not least is the use of materials and process which are harmful to the environment and have accelerated the pace of climate change. Georgia sadly plays its own part in that.

The brick designed by Idaaf Architects seeks to improve that situation by creating new building materials which are environmentally friendly. The shape of the brick is developed to be assembled easily, window and door cuts is simple to arrange and because of its thickness and low heat transfer coefficient it does not require additional insulation.

At the moment, finding the right material of the brick is work in progress. The aim is to create a material which can resist difficult climatic conditions yet also be, easy to install, and aesthetically appealing while meeting the highest construction standards. At this stage, the architectural form of the brick has been selected and the materials are being tested, such as: eco concrete, clay, wood, fungi, adobe.