IDAAF Architects was established in 2016 in Tbilisi as an architectural, interior and conceptual furniture design collective and led by the young Tbilisi architect, Nanuka Zaalishvili. Since its foundation, the studio has worked on projects of different type and scale both in Georgia and abroad.
Our approach works on multidisciplinary principles, combining sustainable, aesthetically pleasing architecture with sound project management. We want to combine the perfect combination of form and function in an environmentally aware way.
Context is the main driving force of our studio, guiding how the project develops. Each results from deep cultural, geographic and site research with the aim of creating timeless yet modern architecture that is innovative and good to look at.
We also develop new materials as part of our commitment to raising construction standards.
Our core belief is that architecture can contribute to a better and attractive environment by creating new, inspiring places for people to live or work or simply enjoy.